Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soccer = PE

A few years ago we signed J up for a season of soccer. My husband coached the team and we found that it was a nice way to get J out of the house, and get some exercise. Well this year we decided to sign both of the boys up with AYSO. I'm not sure who likes it more, the boys, or myself. I love seeing them sweaty faced, running around with their friends, and the proud look on their faces when they make a good pass or score a goal, and having them fall asleep quickly at bed time is a nice bonus. Oh and we get to use soccer as credit for P.E.!

J is my very sweet natured, sensitive, cautious, artsy boy to whom sports do not come naturally. I am so proud of him for sticking with it and putting himself out there. Z is our crazy, adventurous, sensitive boy. I didn't know those traits could go together. He is one of the fastest runners on the team and is becoming rather fearless. A week ago one push to the ground would cause him tears, but he is learning to buck up and take it. He comes off the field just beaming with pride.

Although my husband is not coaching either team this year I find myself excited for my boys to have a chance to bond with another adult. Its so good for them to establish relationships with people outside the home and both coaches have thus far proven themselves to be good, kind men. Disappointedly I haven't met many other parents. The trend nowadays seems to be drop and run when it comes to practices. I am hoping that game times will provide an opportunity for me to socialize a bit. I'm surrounded by my kids so much I swear I fear accidentally using baby talk while ordering dinner at a restaurant.

I found out today that one of the boys on J's team is also enrolled at Utah Virtual Academy, the online school that J takes classes through. It would be nice to see them become friends and take field trips or do classes together occasionally. The kid has five other siblings also enrolled in the same program and i would love to pick his mothers brain a bit and see how she manages. I often times find homeschooling my two boys hard to deal with.

I pray this soccer season opens doors for my children to build relationships and helps provide them with confidence and stamina for their many adventures to come.

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  1. Teaching the kids to take a pummeling - something that usually only institutional schools can boast :)